Comprehensive Aid to Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Their Loved Ones

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.
Project duration: 1. 8. 2014 – 31. 7. 2016

Project Summary

The project responds to an absence of services based on the principles of self-help and strengthening the competences of the victims of domestic and sexual violence and their loved ones, including children in the Czech republic.

Persefona provides support through professional social counseling and information materials for victims and their loved ones since 1997. Within this project will Persefona start self-help groups, therapy groups, and group meetings of an educational nature for victims. Children as witnesses of domestic violence will receive early care from a child (clinical) psychologist.

Persefona creates a space where victims and their loved ones get relevant information, share experiences and develop their potential through self-awareness and self-help. Persefona will increase support for interdisciplinary collaboration in the system of aid to victims and for informing lay people and professionals about the issue, increasing their sensitivity in the South Moravian Region and eliminating secondary victimization.

Persefona will increase professionalism by sharing best practices with the interdisciplinary team and with Norwegian partner, Fellesskap mot seksuelle overgrep (FMSO), an umbrella organization for 16 Centers for Aid to the Victims of Sexual Violence. Increasing the professionalism of Persefona’s staff will involve their further professional education.


1. 10. 2014 – Press release for the beginning of project Comprehensive Aid to Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Their Loved Ones. 


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