Donations and Sponsoring
Donating money

As a nonprofit organization, we constantly live through a “season of uncertainty”. Every year we must take care of our continued existence by requesting subsidies from the relevant ministries and programs, and when we succeed, we are happy, as it means we can provide our clients with high-quality services to the extent needed. To develop further services, staff, and the whole organization in general, however, we are constantly seeking new resources. Thanks to your contributions we can, for example print more fliers, buy new literature, and arrange for greater publicity in the media about how people in difficult situations can find aid. We thank you all very much for your contributions.

Wire transfer to our bank account

For transfers within the Czech Republic you can use our bank account 214 877 940/ 0300 (constant symbol 558).
For transfers from abroad, you can use our bank account in its international format: Pro platbu IBAN CZ13 0300 0000 0002 1487 7940, BIC CEKOCZPP.

Online shopping with Givt

Through the Givt application you can shop in your favorite e-shop and support us without paying a crown extra. A certain percentage of the sales price of the goods you buy will be donated to our account. More than 100 services and shops are involved in this project. Buy what you usually buy and support Persefona as you do so!

Online donations

Can be made through this website


If you would like to donate in cash, you can bring your donation to the headquarters of our organization, Jiráskova 8, Brno - or we can arrange to come to you.