Loved Ones
How you can aid victims of domestic or sexual violence

If someone you know is a victim of domestic or sexual violence and you are prepared to help that person, that is certainly a good thing. This can be anyone - someone in your circle of acquaintances, in your family, or at work. Moreover, it is possible that you are the only person in whom the victim might confide in anticipation of your support. If you suspect this is the case but you are not certain, be very careful and sensitive when you explore this topic with that person. For victims of domestic and sexual violence, the reactions of those around them - their acquaintances, family members and friends - are very important and play a significant role in the process of dealing with these events. It is important to do your best to understand how the victim is internally experiencing the entire matter.

Do not forget, however, that for you, as someone close to the victim, coping with the fact that such a wrong has been committed against someone close to you is difficult. The aid of professionals is offered to you, too.

What to do

What you should never do

Would you like to aid your loved one with a complicated situation - but you don’t know how?

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