Client Services
How to Make an Appointment

By telephone

Victims of domestic and sexual violence and their loved ones can contact our organization by calling our land line at +420 545 245 996 or our mobile telephone +420 737 834 345. For people with difficulties managing their own aggressive behavior, there is the phone line +420 731 442 731. These phone calls do cost money and the price will depend on the amounts usually charged the caller for accessing these kinds of phone lines. During regular office hours our phone lines are staffed between 9 AM and 5 PM. Should you call and the line is busy, or if you call after hours, your call will be transferred to a voicemail box, where you will have the opportunity to leave us a message. It is also possible to make an appointment for a consultation by telephone and to directly receive counseling by phone. By contacting our organization, you are consenting to our terms of service provision.

By e-mail

To make an appointment for a personal consultation or ask a question, victims and their loved ones can also do so using the e-mail addresses or Those interested in counseling and therapy who have difficulties managing their aggression can contact the organization at the e-mail address An answer to your e-mail will be sent within five business days at the very latest. By sending us an e-mail, you consent to our handling the data contained in that message and also consent to our terms of service provision.

By online contact form

It is also possible to contact us by sending a direct message through our website. Those interested in social services can ask a question about an area on which they wish to consult us or can make an appointment for a consultation by giving an e-mail address through which a Persefona staffer will contact them within five business days at the very latest. By sending a question through our contact form you are consenting to our terms of service provision.

In person

Consultations usually happen on the basis of e-mail or telephone contact. It is also possible to make your appointment in person between 9 AM and 5 PM at the Brno headquarters of our organization (Jiráskova 8).

Without an appointment

If someone interested in social services comes to our office without an appointment, and if the situation is such that the person requires immediate care, we will direct our staff to either provide such care or arrange for the person to work with another crisis service.

Appointments for personal consultation will be scheduled for a time within 14 days of your contacting us, but not any farther into the future than that.

If someone interested in social services requires certain considerations, e.g., aid in accessing our office or an interpreter, it is appropriate to warn us of that fact in advance. Our counseling center is not wheelchair accessible, but it is possible to provide aid with ascending a staircase of approximately five steps. We can arrange for interpretation between Czech and the English, German, Russian and Spanish languages.

Forms of aid

Forms of providing social services

Counseling is provided as follows

Who provides these services

These services are provided by lawyers, psychologists and social workers - female and male. All Persefona employees follow a code of ethics that is based on protecting the client’s rights, on respect, on maintaining confidentiality, and on not judging the client.

Our workers are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic and are therefore duty-bound to notify the authorities if they believe the Criminal Code has been violated.

Our psychologists and social workers are trained in the provision of crisis intervention. All are involved in continuing education in their fields.

What to expect during a personal consultation

During the first consultation there are usually two staffers present, one a psychologist or social workers, and the other a lawyer. This is so we can find a comprehensive solution to the problem the client brings to our attention. During the first meeting the client is informed about the terms under which the service is provided. These terms are based on the law on social services and aim to protect the interests and rights of those using social services. If we agree to work with someone interested in our services, we will conclude a contract on the provision of professional social counseling with that person, either verbally or in writing.     

Subsequently, according to the nature of the problem, we will come to an agreement together about what the future form of our collaboration with the client will be, whether it will be legal, psychological, social or a combination of all services. Together we will establish the aim of our collaboration. The consultation lasts roughly one hour, and the frequency of the consultations is governed by the client’s needs and the organization’s options in terms of personnel. Our aim is to work with the client long-term, during the entire length of time it takes to solve the problems, or as long as the client needs or wishes. Each client will have a key staffer who coordinates the services provided.