Victims of domestic violence
Myths and reality

Many untrue myths exist about the phenomenon of domestic violence:

Myth: Domestic violence only happens among certain social strata.
Reality: Domestic violence happens to anyone and everyone regardless of education, race, religion, social position, etc.

Myth: Domestic violence is a fringe matter that rarely occurs in our society.
Reality: This is a very frequently-occurring negative phenomenon. Statistics show that 38 % of women have experienced it.

Myth: Domestic violence is caused by drinking alcohol or taking drugs.
Reality: Alcohol and drugs are not a cause of domestic violence, nor do they excuse it. Alcohol and drugs can only catalyze violence.

Myth: Domestic violence is just a private matter that I should not interfere with.
Reality: Domestic violence is a criminal matter, not a private one, and therefore it should be judged and prosecuted just like violence committed against a stranger would be.

Myth: Domestic violence cannot be serious as long as the victimized partner is staying with the violent partner.
Reality: Violent persons threaten to harm their partners or their children should they leave. Victims frequently remain with a violent partner out of fear, but they never remain because they agree with the violence.

Myth: Domestic violence is the fault of the victim, the violent person is never solely to blame.
Reality: Violent persons frequently justify their attacks by claiming to have been provoked by the partner they have victimized. No provocation, whether imagined or real, ever excuses repeated violence. The person engaged in violent behavior always bears full responsibility for that behavior.

Myth: We can recognize an abuse victim or a violent person at first glance.
Reality: This kind of violence is very well-concealed behind closed doors. The violent person usually seems likeable to others. The abused person is ashamed of the situation and therefore frequently will not confide about it to anyone, not even to a very best friend. The victim hides injuries or finds various excuses for them.

Myth: Familiy therapy can solve these problems.
Reality: Therapy can aid in solving problems between partners, but violence is a problem that exists solely on the side of the aggressor. Change can only occur when the violent partner takes full responsibility for that behavior.

Don’t succumb to the myths about domestic violence, seek help!


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