Persefona contributes to “Looking for Home”

7. 3. 2016
The theme of this year’s documentary film festival about human rights, “One World” (Jeden svět) says it all. In the current political and social situation, the festival’s symbolic slogan conveys an absolutely clear message. Because we feel that this issue affects us too, we have agreed to become actively involved in the festival’s auxiliary program. 

Through its chosen theme of migration, the festival is focusing its attention not just on people arriving in Europe, but primarily on those of us who have a home. The ongoing events are forcing us to reflect on what home means to us, on what part of our home we are willing to share with others and what part we are determined to reserve for ourselves. Most of us are used to taking our homes for granted.     

Kateřina Petrášová, coordinator of the festival in Brno, says:  “The poster for this year’s festival features a glowing bunch of colorful markers for keys on a keyring, but the keys themselves are missing. The slogan ‘Looking for Home’ refers not just to the geopolitical problems of today’s world, but also to our seeking the identity of a common home.”   

The “migration crisis” involves an issue that Persefona is doing its best, both directly and indirectly , to address:  Violence. The position of Muslim women in society, their unacknowledged rights and their unheard needs all lead to their undignified treatment. Xenophobia and the aggression and violence linked to it exists throughout all of society. Last but not least, the media ballast is weighted in the direction of topics that journalists are eager to cover, but the public can’t tell which of their reports approximates the truth and which are pure lies. For that reason we believe this festival of more than 40 Czech and international documentary films will help open the eyes of filmgoers in Brno. 

We invite you to the traveling One World festival (Jeden svět), which is presented by the People in Need (Člověk v tísni) organization. It will take place in Brno from 29 March to 5 April 2016. Of the documentaries presented at this year’s festival, we would like to draw your attention to a story about the dilemma faced by a Syrian couple between their responsibility for their family and the idea of the revolution; portraits of grandmothers returning to their homes at Chernobyl; films about how we let ourselves be manipulated on social networks; and films about robots caring for pensioners in the Netherlands.

You can attend the festival at the following cinemas in Brno: Art a Scala, Kabinet múz, Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum and the new cultural spaces of Bajkazyl and Paradox. You can buy tickets at the venues or online, where it is also possible to purchase a festival card you can use to buy tickets half-price.  

You can meet Persefona at the accompanying Nonprofit Fair, which will take place on the afternoon of Monday, 4 April 2016, at Masaryk University’s Faculty of Social Sciences. Look for more information and specific invitations in our next newsletter.  

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