Clients learn how to manage their anger

28. 5. 2015
If the struggle against domestic and sexual violence is to be waged 100 %, there is a need to address this issue from all sides. Professional aid to victims of these wrongs has found its place in our social services system already, but what is it like for the persons who commit this violence and then find the will to do something about it?

One of the places that such people can turn to in the South Moravian Region is Persefona. We currently provide individual counseling and therapy to such people. The use of our services is primarily voluntary on their part, as that is the main prerequisite for the effective resolution of violent behavior. The person concerned must first acknowledge that he or she has lost control over his or her behavior, and subsequently must want to change that state of affairs. Our effort at creating a space for group therapy for such people is reflected in our project called “Escape from the Maze of Violence”. Thanks to this project, we can contribute a bit more to reducing the occurrence of violence in relationships.

Most persons who have difficult managing their anger in relationships acquired their tendencies to aggression under the influence of the environment in which they were raised. From this perspective, this is a learned behavior that can be worked with. From practices abroad that rely greatly on group therapy, very good results are known to exist. In the Czech Republic, too, this form of therapy is slowly beginning to be introduced.

Group therapy is preceded by and accompanied by individual work with a therapist, and those interested can join the group at any time. At regular meetings, the members will concentrate on taking responsibility for their violent behavior, on improving their capability to manage their own emotions, and on training in the skills needed to de-escalate anger. The aim is to master conflict resolution in relationships through a new, non-violent way.

We will begin implementing our group therapy sessions as soon as possible and they will last until April 2016. Those interested can get more information by writing to or calling +420 737 834 345. The project “Escape from the Maze of Violence” is being supported by the Open Society Fund Prague from the Let’s Give (Wo)men a Chance programme, financed from Norway Grants.

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