Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Interdisciplinary collaboration and its results

One of the pillars of addressing the issue of domestic and sexual violence is expert activity and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Persefona z. s. is active as an organizational member of the following groups:

The Commitee for the Prevention of Domestic Violence of the Government of the Czech Republic, Council for the Equal Opportunities of Women and Men ‒
Interdisciplinary Team against Domestic Violence in the City of Brno ‒
The Coalition of Organizations against Domestic Violence KOORDONA ‒
Community Planning of the Social Services of the City of Brno  ‒
Interdisciplinary Team for Addressing the Issue of Sexual Violence

From the beginning of our existence we have collaborated with institutions and organizations such as Magdalenium, o. s., Nesehnutí, o. s., IC Spondea, o. p. s., ProFem, o. p. s., Rosa, o. s., Acorus, o. s., the Marriage and Family Counseling Centers of the Social Services Centers in Brno, the Pro bono aliance, Liga lidských práv, the Probation and Mediation Services of the Czech Republic, the Police of the Czech Republic, the Health Department at Brno City Hall, and the Crime Prevention Coordination Center at Brno City Hall, as well as others.