Interdisciplinary Collaboration

In 2010 as partners with Gender Studies we worked on a project called “Stop Rape” (Stop znásilnění), producing an Analysis of the State of Aid for Victims of Rape in the Czech Republic ( Analýza stavu pomoci obětem znásilnění v České republice). On the basis of the data from that analysis and the interest of some members of the Committee for the Prevention of Domestic Violence at the Government of the Czech Republic, a working group on the topic of rape was created. In collaboration with the Czech Women’s Lobby and the League of Human Rights we contributed to a Shadow Report on the Czech Republic to the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of  Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) on the question of domestic violence and rape. On the basis of that Shadow Report and our in-person meetings with Committee members, CEDAW made several important recommendations to the Czech Republic on how to correct the current situation.

We supported the debate on the necessity for a comprehensive approach to domestic violence by creating therapy programs for violent persons and held a working meeting at the Regional Authoirty of the South Moravian Region in Brno on the option of introducing such a program there.