Interdisciplinary team for sexual violence in Brno meets for the first time

31. 8. 2015
Two heads are better than one. When professionals from a field that requires constantly paying heightened attention to things get together, it is almost certain that the result will be exceptional. The first meeting of the members of Brno’s Interdisciplinary Team for Addressing the Issue of Sexual Violence took place in June. It is already apparent that this team will significantly contribute to bolstering systemic dialogue on this issue.

We have always considered it important to develop interdisciplinary collaboration, but it was not until our project “Escape from the Maze of Violence” that we could initiate the creation of the Interdisciplinary Team for Addressing the Issue of Sexual Violence (IDT SN). The Project is being supported by the Open Society Fund Prague from the Let’s Give (Wo)men a Chance programme, financed from Norway Grants.

Who is on the team? There are representatives of nonprofit organizations, such as Mgr. Jitka Čechová of Persefona, Mgr. Tereza Musilová of ROZKOŠ bez RIZIKA (Bliss without Risk), joined by Mgr. Renata Boháčová, a clinical psychologist from the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Trauma Hospital in Brno, and Mgr. Kateřina Krebsová, a clinical psychologist from the same workplace who is also a children’s psychologist. Another member of the group is doc. MUDr. Peter Koliba, CSc., a gynecologist and head physician at NZZ Gynartis, s. r. o., chair of the Gynecological Section on Adolescents and Children (ČGPS ČLS JEP) and a member of the board of the Society for Planned Parenthood and Sex Education. Last but not least, the team includes Mgr. Iva Koudelková, a professional officer from the Health Department of the Capital City of Brno and coordinator of the city’s Interdisciplinary Team of Domestic Violence. Other professionals are welcome to join us!

The members of this team have various experiences of working with the victims of rape and sexual abuse. Some encounter such victims more frequently, others sporadically, while others have written about this topic in professional publications. The purpose of creating the IDT SN is to increase the professional competence of all staffers coming into contact with the victims of sexual attacks. Education across the professions, sharing practices, drawing attention to unaddressed areas, and establishing collaboration with other institutions are the main instruments used to attain this aim. People working in health care and in the schools especially can bolster their expertise on the issue of sexual violence thanks to being more informed, whether this is about intervention or prevention. The team’s outputs and suggestions will be presented to and further dealt with by the Working Group of the Committee for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Violence against Women of the Czech Government Council on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

Within the framework of the IDT SN there will be several seminars where our Norwegian partner, the FMSO organization, will appear along with others. The representative sociological research we will be implementing in the months to come will also contribute to deepening our knowledge.

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