We like chasing after realizations

31. 8. 2015
We believe it is never good to say “enough already” when it comes to acquiring new knowledge that can be applied in our work. Even though we educate ourselves year-round, recently we have had a period of very rich opportunities for such realizations. Through this article we would like to share with you what those experiences were.

Everything began in May, when our team met to discuss our mission, our quality standards, and our vision. We were accompanied through this process by Ms Míla Tomášková, who specializes in this work. Because new staffers had joined us at the start of the year, this information was new to some of them, while others were glad to refresh themselves about it. Interactively we made progress on many things, giving a more concrete dimension to unclear concepts and gathering topics for our next discussion, planned for September.

In June we completed internships at the Institute for the Performance of Security Detention in Brno. The reality surpassed our expectations. Two social worker/tutors gave us a tour of the entire “detention” campus and familiarized us with the principles of working with the inmates there. Because these people have been diagnosed as psychotics, individuals with personality disorders, mental retardation and sexual deviants, the topics were more than interesting. Working with such people is very demanding, especially when one is aware that positive change in their behavior is almost impossible. We were pleasantly surprised by the approach taken by the staff toward the inmates, which did not include even the slightest trace of disrespect for them.

In June our lawyers brushed up on liability law because the Commercial Code has been amended. Our social worker also had a positive experience attending a three-day course in basic psychiatry.   

The trauma of being betrayed was one of the topics investigated during the “Sexual Abuse as a Specific Trauma” seminar, which clearly recapitulated the state of knowledge about and aid to victims of sexual abuse and, in many respects, was an inspiration for our own practice. Our organization’s psychologists learned more about working with traumatized persons as part of the 17th International Seminar called “The Unmerciful Judge”.   

We thank all of our donors for supporting our constant development. Currently we are primarily educating ourselves thanks to the Czech Labor and Social Affairs Ministry and two projects, “Escape from the Maze of Violence” is being supported by the Open Society Fund Prague from the Let’s Give (Wo)men a Chance programme, financed from Norway Grants, and “Comprehensive aid to victims of domestic and sexual violence and their loved ones” supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants. 

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