Victims of domestic violence

Physical violence ‒ beating, kicking, slapping, strangling, tying someone up, beating someone against a wall, threatening someone with a weapon, etc.

Psychological violence ‒ disparaging and humiliating your personality, ridiculing you in front of others, unanticipated telephone calls or visits that “check up” on you, persecution, extortion and pressure, e.., threatening you with physical violence, terrorizing you in various ways, giving you orders as to what you should do, dishonestly influencing your children, denying your food and sleep, threating suicide or any other form of self-destructive behavior unless you do what your partner wants.  

Sexual violence - forcing sexual intercourse or various sexual practices on you against your will, raping you.

Economic violence - restricting your access to money, not providing you money for running the household, controlling all of your expenditures, forbidding you to work.

Social violence - isolating you from others, forbidding you to contact your family, friends or acquaintances, forbidding you to engage in recreational activities, forbidding you to leave the home, taking away your mobile telephone. 

If you are experiencing any of the wrongs described above, do not be afraid to seek help!


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