Partnership in projects
Jako doma – Homelike, o. p. s

Contact person           

Alexandra Doleželová
founder of the organization Jako doma, fundraiser, project manager

Contact information

Vinohradská 146, 130 00 Praha 3


The “Jako doma” organization was created in 2012 and focuses questions of gender-specific homelessness. The organization dedicates itself to homeless women through its projects “Homeless Cooks”, “Together as a Home without Violence”, “Women Unite”, “Together for Women:  Let’s Talk about It”, etc.  

We are collaborating with Jako doma on the project:

Společně jako doma bez násilí/ Together as a Home without Violence implemented from 1 January 2015 – 30 April 2016,  supported by the Open Society Fund Praha within the framework of the program Dejme (že)nám šanci, which is financed by the Norwegian Funds.

Activities of the partner and collaboration with the partner

Persefona acts in this project as an expert on comprehensive, long-term assistance and support to victims of violence against women. Representatives of the organization will supervise the project activities. We will provide accredited training on domestic violence to our project partners. We will also cooperate with them in creating materials that link homelessness to violence.