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Rozkoš bez rizika

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Mgr. Tereza Musilová
Head of the counseling center ROZKOŠ bez RIZIKA (R-R) Brno, coordinator of its field work program, therapist

Contact information

Vlhká 10, 602 00  Brno


ROZKOŠ bez RIZIKA (R-R) is a nonprofit, non-state organization established in 1992 whose mission is to decrease the health and social risks run by women working in the sex business and others. R-R offers its clients social services in the form of professional social work counseling, including therapeutic services, health care services including examinations for sexually transmitted infections, and informational activity focused on topics related to prostitution and the sex business.

With the organization ROZKOŠ bez RIZIKA we are collaborating on the project:

Z labyrintu násilí / Escape from the Maze of Violence, implemented from 1 February 2015 – 31 October 2016. The Project is being supported by the Open Society Fund Prague from the Let’s Give (Wo)men a Chance programme, financed from Norway Grants.

Activities of the partner and collaboration with the partner

R+R is involved in this project in order to share practices on managing and meeting the aims of counseling centers or medical centers and their experiences working with the victims of rape and sexual abuse within the framework of the interdisciplinary team on sexual violence in the City of Brno.  

The representative of R-R will aid us with establishing our interdisciplinary collaborations in the area of sexual violence and will actively participate in all educational seminars and meetings implemented within the framework of the project. The R-R organization will hold a training for staffers of Persefona on the issue of sexual violence and aid with presenting the project’s outcomes and results.