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What Our Clients Say

”I became a client of the Persefona civic association (now Persefona z.s.) three and a half years ago. I sought their aid in connection with the fact that I was abused as a child and teenager. The pscyhologist took my case at a time when I was not doing well. I was unable to talk about my trauma, I had nightmares, and I had begun to shun people again. I was also combating clinical depression. Thanks to the brief intervals between visits I felt the therapy was more consistent. In the beginning everything took me a terribly long time, and I was angry with myself about that. By now I am aware how important it was that the psychologist gave me room to determine the tempo myself. Over time, changes began to appear in my life. I was able to begin building a firmer basis for my future, with faith. I began to believe in myself more, which became apparent in many areas of my life. I am still continuing in therapy. At Persefona I found, in addition to the professional aid of a psychologist, other backup as well. When I was addressing events in my life I was offered aid in the form of consultations with other professionals (a lawyer, social workers). Personally I would have hesitated to ask for more help, which is why it really worked that the offer of help came from them automatically. In October 2014 Persefona established a self-help group for the victims of sexual violence, which I welcomed with enthusiasm. I had sought such aid long before then, unsuccessfully. I was tired of those around me not understanding me, tired of their astonishment and their prejudices. The self-help group is fulfilling my expectations. The awareness that I can share a space with people for whom I don’t have to analyze, in a complicated way, how I feel, is a big help to me. I also greatly appreciate the feedback from this group, which is important to me.”

Client, April 2015



”Without your empowering, humane, kind and professional approach and regular interventions I would never have managed to rescue myself and my children from my husband’s aggression. Subsequently, with the aid of your lawyers and social workers, I planned the next steps and took them, which I would never have managed alone. I learned how to talk about my problem, to understand that I was not the only person in such a situation, and ultimately I learned how to behave even during the greatest moment of danger. Despite the fact that ‘my story’ is not yet over, I believe there will be a happy ending and that I will one day experience a regular, simple life with ordinary joys and problems. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your care, collaboration, goodwill and support.”

Client, October 2015