Client Services
The Kinds of Services We Provide

Legal counseling

Our legal advisors provide information from the areas of administrative, civil, criminal, family and social law related to the individual situation of each client. The basic principle is to aid clients with assessing their options and deciding how to solve their problem - naturally, in accordance with their legal obligations and rights. Sometimes it is appropriate, as part of resolving such a situation, to take legal action. The legal advisor consults this option with the client and compiles a legal document for taking such action should the client be interested. Such legal actions might be lawsuits, preliminary injunction complaints, motions to a court, appeals, providing formal testimony, etc.


Psychological counseling

Through psychological counseling, our psychologists (female and male) aid clients in orienting themselves in their current life situations and support them in seeking options for resolving situations involving violence. They offer support in overcoming demanding life situations related to violence in the family. The map what the client’s inner resources are as well as resources in the outside world that can aid in resolving the situation, and they also highlight for the client what the obstacles to resolving the situation are. They support clients in assessing and deciding what starting point to choose for resolving their individual situations and together they seek the various steps that will lead to that solution.


Social counseling

Social counseling most frequently concerns orienting clients in the welfare system - giving them information about the kinds of benefits available; mapping their family situations, financial situations, and eligibility for welfare; aiding them with completing applications and during consultations with the authorities, etc. In the area of housing issues, this involves finding shelter and negotiating access to it, applying for a municipally-owned apartment, consulting municipal housing departments, orienting the client in the area of rental housing, etc. This can also involve providing the client information in the area of employment - how to get oriented on the labor market, how and where to look for work, aid with writing a CV and how to formulate a response to a job advertisement, training in the skills necessary for finding work, etc.


Self-help group for victims of sexual violence

As part of these self-help groups, women who have the experience of some form of sexual violence in common can also meet separately. Because of these experiences, they feel when they participate in the group that the have found others who really understand them, which is important for their processing of the violent experience. The group is based on sharing and solidarity. The members both give and receive feedback about each other’s life stories and provide each other with good examples of what it is like to give and receive support. This leads to the development of their self-confidence and self-esteem. The meetings focus on topics the women themselves define, and the progress of each group is adapted to its members’ current situations and how in tune they are with each other. Persefona staff are usually present at the group’s meetings but intervene as little as possible so as to provide sufficient room for the members to communicate. Our female clients who join this group get the opportunity to share their emotions and experiences with people who genuinely understand them because they have experienced something similar.


Accompanying the client to negotiations with the authorities, courts, police, etc.

Accompanying the client means a Persepone staffer provides assistance to the client in dealing with the authorities and other institutions. The staffer provides the client with professional and psychological support when dealing with third parties involved in the case.  

We especially accompany clients in cases where the negotiation is complex and requires our increased support, or in situations where previous negotiations have been repeatedly unsuccessful for varous reasons. Most often the Persephone staffer accompanies a client during questioning by the police, during meetings with child welfare authorities, to negotiations with municipal misdemeanor commissions, when accessing official documents, to the local authority when negotiating welfare benefits, when going to court, etc.


Visiting clients in the field

Visiting clients in the field involves visiting a client’s home or providing consultations at a Persefona contact point or other agreed location in the South Moravian Region. We have contact points in Ivančice, Slavkov u Brna, Tišnov and Židlochovice. If more people are interested in our services at the contact points but have not made a prior appointment, we will receive them in the order in which they arrive.


Field work without the client’s presence

This is a service in which, after prior agreement with the client and the institution or third party involved, a Persefona staffer from Brno acts on behalf of the client outside the Persefona office without the client being present. Most often this concerns, e.g., access to official documents or dealing with authorities and other professionals wherein the staffer, with the consent of the client, delivers documentation to a third party, including commentary about the current course of the client’s work with Persefona, in order to ensure follow-up services will be provided by the third party to the client.



Sociotherapy leads to clients developing or maintaining the interpersonal social skills that support their social inclusion. This is not purely about providing advice in the areas of law, psychology, or the social system. For clients who require a greater degree of support because they absolutely fail to apply the information they obtain in order to resolve their difficult situations, the use of sociotherapeutic methods develops their ability to apply it, among others. Sociotherapy is characterized by its aim, which is to find the means and ways that will allow clients to use their own resources to become able (once more) to function better in daily life and in society. Sociotherapy is provided by psychologists and social workers who are also trained in crisis intervention.


Representation in court

This is a service whereby the organization’s legal advisors represent clients in judicial proceedings as general proxies (i.e., not as the client’s attorney, which entails certain limitations). If necessary, the conditions of this service are discussed with the client during an in-person meeting, and if the service is found to be warranted, we will provide it.


Mediating follow-up services

This service includes arranging for and coordinating the services of other organizations or workplaces that collaborate with our clients in order to resolve their difficult situations. It involves contact by e-mail, in person or by telephone by the relevant professional familiar with the specifics of the client’s life situation and reaching new agreements regarding the facilitation of follow-up services.


Contact to other professionals

Those interested in services that are not provided by our organization can be directed to the help they need. We can provide you with the relevant contacts. We can also find and deliver contacts to other services for our current clients who cannot resolve their diificult life situations without additional, coordinated help.


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