Client Services
The Kinds of Services We Provide

Professional social counseling 

During this counseling the staff focus primarily on thoroughly mapping the client’s situation and aiding the client with basic orientation, for example, in the issue of being removed from a household by court order, the welfare system, and other possible solutions in cases where they lose employment or housing; we also refer them to other appropriate services and professionals as becomes necessary.


Individual therapy 

In individual therapy the client visits a therapist on his own. Initially this involves mapping the situation in which the client finds himself. As part of the sessions, the client reviews the problem he has encountered. and issues arise through which the therapist guides the client toward an understanding of the causes of his violent behavior and subsequently what the solution to that behavior is. The therapist encourages the client not only during his search for a way forward, but also in finding the strength to implement positive changes. During the meetings the client learns anger management techniques and practices them in specific situations where he could get into trouble. The client ultimately masters methods for constructively resolving disputes.


Group therapy 

If a client attends individual therapy and it seems that it would beneficial for him to work in a group of people with the same difficulties, his therapist will recommend group therapy to him. Individual therapy always precedes group therapy.


Mediating follow-up services

This service includes arranging for and coordinating the services of other organizations or workplaces that collaborate with our clients in order to resolve their difficult situations. It involves contact by e-mail, in person or by telephone by the relevant professional familiar with the specifics of the client’s life situation and reaching new agreements regarding the facilitation of follow-up services.


Contact to other professionals

Those interested in services that are not provided by our organization can be directed to the help they need. We can provide you with the relevant contacts. We can also find and deliver contacts to other services for our current clients who cannot resolve their diificult life situations without additional, coordinated help.


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